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Thread: Whirring/whining sound from primary?

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    Ok, so I just got home from riding up to the store (maybe 5 miles each way), and I was riding it pretty hard, to try to get the most enjoyment possible out of such a short trip. When I pulled up in front of my house, I was hearing a new/strange noise from the primary. Sounded like gear mesh whine, like with straight cut gears, and the pitch changed with rpm, like a gear mesh whine. So i popped the clutch cover off to check fluid level, it was good. I then popped the inspection cover off to check the hot chain tension, and while the chain was hot enough to burn my finger tip, the tension looked to be a little over 1/4", so good by factory specs. This has me a bit paranoid. I just did my 5K service a little over a week ago, changed all the fluids and adjusted the chain tension, so I was worried that I did something wrong. Now I turn to you guys. Thanks in advance!

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    What bike? what year? Only thing i can think of without pics, is the flywheel nut has an updated torque spec-they've been known to come loose and let the flywheel rub on the primary case? Just a stab.
    Does it still make the noise when you start it up cold? If it's not going away, might be best to pull primary cover & upload pictues. That's the easiest way for us to help. Best of luck,

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    03 XB9R. It makes the noise when cold, though much quieter. Looks like I'll be pulling the case.

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    i've seen a few sportsters lose their front crank left side output bearing...the left crank bearing if you will and the rotor rubbed into the stator and made a clicking kind of whirring noise. if that helps.

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    Check your clutch Basket bearings AND the Ramp assembly as well. While you are at it with all apart you may want to condsider the possilble remaning of it all so the bike being slightly older you won't have any worries in the near future. ALWAYS save your old parts for comparing when you are shopping at a later time. Once done it would be a good idea to go to a 75/90 weight syn., gear oil for the Transmission.This wiil lower the temperature by about 10/degrees since the primary has no cooler.It should help with the Clunking and smooth out the shifting. NOT speed shifting. Good luck.*Jimi

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    Most of the opinions I saw on here recommended the 20/50, same as in the engine?

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    I used to use Amsoil 20w50 synthetic. I switched to regular Harley formula +. Much better. I change it whenever i change the oil. It only holds one litre anyway.

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    Well, I just pulled the primary cover off, and there are no obvious signs of wear, rubbing, or anything loose. It all looks pretty much new, as it should with just over 5K on the clock. So what do I need to check for, and what signs should I be trying to find?

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    Are you using synthetic? Mine got louder after break in when I switched from dino oil to Mobil 1 synthetic. Like your, mines quiter when cold. I've gotten used to the noise.

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