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Thread: Headlight Mod - Both Lights On w/ Hi-Beam

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    I was looking for a way to have both headlights on instead one of only one on for LOW and the other for HI (and I was tired of being told I had a light out) when I came across a post where "GatorBuell" explained exactly how to rewire the harness to make it work.

    I followed his instructions, taking pictures along the way.

    Here's his instructions (with minor changes by me) and my pictures.


    TIME TO COMPLETE: 15 minutes

    COST: $0.00

    STEP 1. Remove your windshield from the headlight bucket of the bike.

    STEP 2. Find the socket for the headlight harness. Its white and has 4 wires in it:
    black, yellow, white, orange.

    STEP 3. Unplug the socket. (you will be working on the male end of the socket)

    STEP 4. On the back side of the socket (the end with the wires running into it) there is a clip on the plug itself that holds the wires in.

    Unclasp it from one side and fold it open.

    The black is a ground, the yellow is low beam, white is high beam, and orange is for the running light.

    You are going to switch the yellow with the orange wires in the harness.

    ***If the colors are different on your harness swap the two that are not white or black***

    STEP 5. To do this use a small pointed object (I used a very very small nail)

    5a. Stick it in the male end forcing the wire out.
    You may have to tug on the wire some wile pushing to get them out.

    5b. It was a little difficult to get them out but not impossible to do so.
    See plug detail below (thanks to PDXBuell).

    5c. You may have to remove more than just the orange and yellow wires in order to have room to move the wires depending on your harness.

    STEP 6. Replace the wires into the plug, swapping the position of the yellow and orange wires.
    The new order should be:
    black, orange, white, yellow.

    Plug the harness back together.

    STEP 7. Test the lights.

    When you are on LOW BEAM you should have only one light on as usual.

    On HIGH BEAM both lights should be illuminated.

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    I did this a week ago and love that no one flags me down to tell me "dude you only got one light on - not safe bro"

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    Nice job speed

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    Couldn't have done it without you Gator.

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    Awesome. I'm doing it this saturday.

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    I did it this morning, very good right up speed, good job.

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    thx speed, you got your vote and a spot in my informative posts section. ;)

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    Oh HAHAHAHAHAHA now I see The whole dam plug comes out :o Now this makes sense I was trying to get just the wire itself out I couldnt figure out how you guys were getting the "wire" itself out. I was thinkin to myself " this wire is crimped on all the hell are you supposed to get it out? " The pics rock..Thanks Speed!! Gettin from me :D:D:D

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    I also did this last weekend. It works great. I live out in the country and at night it is very dark and we have a lot of deer and other wildlife out here so the extra light is really helpful.

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    I did this yesterday since it was raining cats and dogs in upstate NY and there was no riding to be had.

    It works perfectly and isn't too hard.

    Is there any issue with the charging system being able to keep up with both lights running?

    A few things you don't actually puch the pins out. YOu need to releas the internal lock. A sharp tiny nail worsk well as you said but again you don't actually push it out. I learned this after having very little luck with the push out techn ique and actaully looking inside very closely.

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