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Thread: Oil is like sludge...Advice needed!

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    Ok so I'm doing my first oil change on my 07 XB12R (which was bought in June with 6 miles, this bike sat for many years but ran fine. I've put 60 miles on it and decided I better change the oil.

    If you see the picture the oil out of the swing arm is in gelatin form...I assume it's gone bad. I'm going to use AMSOIL 20W50 but feel the engine needs a crank case cleaner before I use the good oil. Any advice? Anyone encounter this before.

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    use some cheap 15/40 diesel oil with a new filter to flush it out.get it warmed up and change it.

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    Thanks. I was thinking the same thing but didn't know about the diesel oil part.

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    ^ that with seafoam added. i would put the mixture in, get it warm, then let it sit. then get it warm again, then let it sit. i would do that three times, then drain it out. change the oil, run it 500-1000 miles and change it again.

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    thanks very much

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    use some cheap 15/40 diesel oil with a new filter to flush it out.get it warmed up and change it.
    plus one (or a inexspensive 4 cycle motorcyle oil)

    do that about 2 to 4 times, each time with a new oil filter. drive it for about 10 to 20 minutes between each change to make sure sure it gets the engine up to correct operating temperture and to make sure the new oil is flowing through out the entire engine and all the oil passages to get that ol oil/sludge out.. each time you drain let it drain for a very long time (hour or more) make sure that you put oil in the filter too before putting it on.

    then just make sure to check the oil and level at least once a week or when you fill up and then change your oil regularly.

    when did you drain this oil , was it extremley cold and did you not get the bike up to correct operating temperture??
    did your oil light come on any or before the ride any or when you started the bike??

    Motor oil becomes permanently thicker with exposure to northerly winter type weather. This is more of a problem to mineral based oils. Waxes form. This is why it is a bad idea to even store a bottle of oil in a cold garage. It goes bad on the garage shelf just because it is exposed to the cold.
    ). Also because of thickening from the cold of winter and from sludge build up that cannot be filtered out.

    looks like the person storing the bike put in a very heavy weight dino/mineral oil and it just continued to thicken from cold and age.

    you might want to read some of this website here..

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    who are these people that buy bikes and dont ride them.? I hope you can get all that goop out easily .

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    Lol ikr

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    Thanks for all the replies. I purchased this bike from a Sheriff County's Office in Maine who has seized the bike in a drug bust...The dealer had the bike on display in his living room, hence the 6 miles...not sure if weather was a factor. I did two oil changes yesterday one with some less expensive 4-stroke oil the other using synthetic Amsoil w/ new filters. Both times I brought the bike up to operating temperature and then drained it for over an hour. This stuff just kept coming out.

    I think another oil change before it goes into winter storage.

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    If you plan to let the Engine sit for the winter, Run some marvel Mystery oil in a Regular oil change. Nothing fancy 30 weight will do. Just substitute ONE Quart of the regular oil with marvel. Always with a new oil filter.
    Put at least 350 miles on the Bike. Before you let it sit for the winter. Change only the filters, add enough clean 30 weight to top off.Add a small amount in the filter first. Warm up and check the level while hot. Ride it out and put maybe 70 miles on the Bike.
    Once the marvel breaks down the old oil residue the gel will be like water due to the properties of heat & Marvels additive. Leave the Marvel in the Engine for storage. This way if some residue is still in the small valley areas it will help when you start riding again, in the warmer Months. Leave it in till you put some miles on it starting with the new Riding Seasons.
    The seafoam in the full tank will help some on the old fuel that was left inside. The Filter on the inside of the tank along with some new O'rings, should be changed due to sitting and less strain on the Fuel pump. Check the Oil every fill up for the first 2,500. miles. Hope the bike is working well and Ride Safe.

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