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Thread: Surging, stalling, intemermitent engine light???????

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    ^^ yup, TPS resets are always a good thing to do if you're having problems... they never hurt.

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    I just bought my Buell, and on the way to sign some of the paper work I got all of the symptoms listed above on the ride to the dealership. The Hog guys up there hooked up the diagnostic tool, which spit out a faulty exhaust valve code. The flapper door in the exhaust can is driven by a servo motor on top of the air box. They said mine was takking too much voltage to actuate properly, which means it wasn't moving. This is a known problem as I was told that there were factory recalls on them and when mine is replaced they have to send the old one to the manufacterer to examine it. If the valve is stuck open, the idle/mid range operation is not as good as it should be causing rough/surging idles a stalling. The dealer should have mine in 4 days, fixed for free...Hope this helps!

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    glad urs was simple Jimi congrats on the uly purchase. I dont have stock exhaust so not my issue but something to for on those that do

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