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Thread: header mounting stud

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    Both studs which mount my front header snapped. I fear I'll need to rotate the motor but I'm looking into the non-rotate method of removing headers.

    In my preliminary research, I've not come across a description of the actual studs. There are no part #s in the Service Manual I have on hand and there are no notes on the header mounting studs except for torque values.

    Does anyone know thread count/pitch for the exhaust header mounting studs?

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    any harley dealer has them just ask for the studs,nuts and header gasket for an evo.had to drill my fronts out too didnt need to do the rotate.but i have had lots of practice.

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    Parts manual at link on top of page. Same studs for all models.

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    Nut part number is #DAO500.12FZ Stud part number should be #16715-83 unless it changed if theres a small piece left you might be able to weld a nut on the orignal stud and remove it that way. Thats not an Foolproof method but I have used it from time to time here in the Shop . If you drill it out TAKE your time and use a good Drill bit and maybe some light oil drill nice and somewhat slow so you don't break it off too. Stuff the Header outlet with soft paper so no shavings get in there. Very Seldom do Ease outs work if it's not drilled out close to the middle. Be careful and take your time.*Jimi

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    Like jimijean said, it'll be easier to get the stud out by welding a nut. I've used the E'Z out to remove a broken bolt before and it's not as simple as it seems. Gotta be real careful. Welding the nut was so much quicker. That's if you have enough of the stud sticking out which I'm guessing you do.

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