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Thread: need a new Ignition

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    Need a ignition switch for my buell its a 91 X-1 want to find one. where can i find one. id like to get a few more rides before winter


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    On my 01 X1 the switch off of my 03 dyna was a match. The wire end was even the same or your H/D dealer can order you a keyed like switch that would still match your seat lock but would take longer to get.

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    Yea I went to the HD shop I didn't want to wait two weeks an they were like $150. Ideally a switch that just re-plugged in would be tits so I wouldn't have to re wire anything. What's the dyna you were talking about?

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    A super glide - fxd harley.

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    Thanks I'll check it out

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    American sport bike has a better quality switch available for much cheaper.

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