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Thread: What did you do for your Buell today?

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    Apr 2013
    Finally got around to putting the Chin Fairing on after doing the Race Pipe install. I'm so happy with the way this turned out looking and sounding.

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    Mar 2013
    Route0766 those HID's look amazing ... I've got to slap a set on my XB ...

    Superman217 ... that's some really nice work there man :) ... nice bike too !! ... love the colors ...

    Let's see what I've done ... I always seem to work on my bikes in very large spurts sooo .... here we go ...

    XB: replaced clutch cable, cleaned out primary housing, LED taillight, finally drilled/tapped out some stripped bolts here and there and replaced them, replaced a few rivets in the Jardine (can't wait to replace that POS pipe), put new passenger footpeg hardware on, changed primary oil ... I think that's about it ...

    S1: troubleshot and fixed a myriad of wiring issues - tach wiring was bad, VOES wiring was a little cut up and let disconnected from previous owner trying to troubleshoot issues himself, sidestand wiring caused the bike to run like crap, clutch interlock switch wiring was corroded at connector under tank (weird for one random connector to have something like that happen), new ignition relay (I freaking HATE wiring issues btw), changed engine oil, took carb off and cleaned it (runs like a freaking CHAMP now compared to the sputtering mess I bought), new plugs, fixed a small oil leak at the filter/oil cooler and at the oil cooler itself,
    fixed taillight, and right side handlebar switch internals got cleaned in the process of troubleshooting ...

    I think that's about it .... probably forgot something here or there but eh ... lots of work got poured into the buells ... on top of my 954rr acting up on me (MORE FREAKING WIRING ISSUES) ... only the can opener (my r6 streetfighter) is holding strong for me ... solid as a rock bub :)

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    Took some time today to polish up the header some more. I think it came out pretty darn good - more elbow grease is needed, but that'd require a trip to the store for more sandpaper. Also decided to cut down the upper belt guard some (took ~2 inches off) and put a pretty hole in the bottom one. I personally don't like the look of a guard-less swingarm, but I do like this a lot better than stock. I also finished up the helmet the other day :)

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    Those headers look awesome!

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    We rode 180 miles for lunch at Gilligan's Popes Creek Maryland. My 05 XBcity and my girlfriends 09 XBcity.

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    Jul 2010
    Got her painted today :-) New Tires, new Li-ion battery, headers wrapped, powder coated.[img]null[/img]

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    Repainted the exhaust with VHT ceramic super high heat paint while waiting for the repaired headers to come back from ceramic coaters.

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    Cecil County, Maryland
    Friday: rode it, changed oil
    Saturday: rode it
    Sunday: thought about washing/polishing plastics(took a nap instead)
    Monday: TBD

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    Went from the cheap ebay remote reservoirs to some good quality ones. More slimmer profile too. Also put speed bleeders on my clutch and front brake.


    Strangely, they say you only need one speed bleeder per system, IE one on the caliper or the master but not needed for both. I find that to be true but I still had to crack open the other side to get the air out, the speedbleeders wouldnt get all the air out of the system by themselves, even using them like a normal bleeder. They did manage to be quicker still but nothing amazing.

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    Made a heat shield for the rear header out of some stainless

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