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Thread: HELP PLZZ Someone with an angle finder

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    Im in dire need of help. I need someone willing and able to put an angle finder on key parts of their bike. Im going to be building a jig for the frame and need to know the angle of the forks with a tire on the bike, I also need if possible the swing arm and idk if possible an angle on the frame or something on the frame. With the fork angle that will tell me a lot but the more info the better.

    Any other info that anyone can think of will be GREATLY appreciated.

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    I'd help you but thats one of the few tools I don't have as I don't have much of a set up for fab'ing so havent needed one. Free bump and if I see one cheap when I look for a trickle charger this weekend and no one has responded I'll pick one up and take pics of the measurements for you.

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    Thanks man I really appreciate it.

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    Thanks for the help from no one. I'm going with 21* which I think is damn close.

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    i have one but working tomorrow until 3 after that i can get the measurements for you if you still need them

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    we have cool ones at work that allow you to zero them on any angle to allow you to get a change in angle between any two surfaces. they also keep an absolute 0 so it can also be used as a level. im sure i can find one on monday.

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