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Thread: Oil Tank - Drain Plug (damaged threads)

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    In my manual it says:

    Replace drain plug in oil tank/swingarm after oil is thoroughly drained. Use LOCTITE 565 OST THREAD SEALANT on fastener and tighten plug to 26-29ft-lbs(35-39Nm).

    Now i used a torquewrench and adjusted it to these specs.. but i never felt the click and got worried.
    So i unscrewed the plug and found that the threads fell off.

    What do i make of this, has the workshop damaged it when they did the service on my bike, or is the torque specs wrong?

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    25 ft lbs is plenty tight. especially with thread sealant.

    it is easy to strip the threads/crossthread. it happens. i'd say get a time-sert or helicoil or the like

    now there's pretty much no way to pin it on the last mechanic that touched your bike.

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    Lots and lots of threads on stripping out the drain plug threads. General concensus is not to use a torquewrench and that the manual specs are too high.....Sorry, but it doesn't sound like this was the prior mech. A quick search pulls up a bunch of those threads if you want to look.

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    Book is wrong!!! Those specs are incorrect! It's happened to many people here on the forum. I lost a couple threads as well, but luckily realized it was too deep and caught it in time before too much damage was done. I just use a little extra lock-tite.

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    Just thread sert it. Specs wrong only need half that.
    If u happen to still be under warranty you might be able to get it coverd.

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    install a time sert or a over sized piggyback plug

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    Yup, had the same, but with the fuel drain plug, not only was the thread messed up, also the actual bolt...

    luckily I had the bolt remover (best purchase so far! :)

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    Thanks for all the replies
    It helps alot to understand the problem.
    I will let the mechanics fix this lateron and i will bring the book with me to point out the errors in it.

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