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Thread: Harley Owner meets Sportbike Owner

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    Seen christianmb just posted this on FB so I figured I would share it, got a laugh out of me.

    bahbrbahrbbahrbahbrhbabbrbrbrbabhabhabahahhhhahaha !!!!

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    Perfect!! I love it!

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    Hahaha that's great!

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    I think I've met that Harley owner.

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    Pretty much sums it up

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    That's funny in my defense rode to sturgis and back 6 times from Washington. My first year rode home from Billins MT to Seattle in one day on an 883 Sporty. Great vid though and I love my Buell

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    I went to Harley-Davidson to buy a filter and the parts guy was funny.he said that most people who buy parts are fat old guys and he only worked at Japanese dealers prior to Harley.I laughed but my fiance didn't like his comment.great video.

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