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Thread: Height issue?

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    @pierce, great suggestions/photos. I just bought a cafe seat/tail assembly on eBay that looks better than stock in my opinion. I might need to redo the actual cushion, so I'll try your method if that's the case.

    I'm 6'2 and the stock/low seat makes me sit too far forward. The new seat should help, but I will probably go with rearsets as well. Where did you get yours? I saw some different ones that were between $400-500 which is a bit steep these days.

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    I got my rearsets from Banke. Just google Banke performance and you can find them.

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    6'5" 225lbs here on the normal (high) seat. Yes, I look ridiculous on the bike, but it fits me pretty well.

    The only issue I really have fitwise is body parts going numb on rides. I find that if I wear padded bicycle shorts under the jeans and stand up at each stop, I can go a good 45 minutes before that happens. Looking to get an extra seat to try Pierce's seat mods on. =)

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    I know this is a blast question but I have a firebolt(small bike compared to most sport bikes) and I'm 6'4" 220lb and although I look like a giant on the bike I'm pretty comfortable on it. More comfortable than any other bike I've ridden. I can ride all day with minimal strain.

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    I just got the tall seat, much better, 6'3" 180

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    ^Damn I wish I had your height/weight ratio lol

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    6' 3" and a blast

    Quote Originally Posted by snrusnak View Post
    ^Damn I wish I had your height/weight ratio lol
    I am 6'3" 210 lbs and ride a blast. What made all the difference for me was a rear-set kit. You look better when riding it, and you fit the bike (better). I also installed a tall seat, this helped too.


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    This is an old thread...

    I am 210 lb and 6' 2" tall. I can ride my blast as far as I want with no issues. My Blast has the tall seat, and it's not uncomfortable. I've had some 200 mile days which I completed with no problems. I did install the rearset pegs, although not a panacea did seem to help. Does it look funny with a tall guy onboard? Yes. Is it a problem? No. I have friends also with Blasts, some are taller than I, some weigh more. In the end it all works out.

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