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Thread: Battery strap broke... big deal???

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    You guys are just trying too hard.* I'll try to explain how I do it.* Once I figured it out its a piece of cake.*

    Remove: Stick a few fingers under the strap in the middle of the battery, next pull up and towards the side that has the tapered clip, then once you have it stretched a little bit, with your other hand press down on the strap and pinch it on the battery.* Hold tension and slide your fingers to the clip and remove.* You should have slack now.*

    Install: Pull (stretch) strap up and over battery with one hand and pinch it down on top of the battery again which should hold it in place while you slide the clip on.

    If it is cold out be careful because it is easier to tear.. heat gun can help here.*

    If you just fight the end with the clip it is a pain.. just pre stretch and hold for a good result..*

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    ^ Nah, that bull**** doesn't work. Going on 20 minutes will all kinds of bloody knuckles at this point....

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    Lol I must be superman, maybe pliers will help you hold it...

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    Well, I broke the new strap. This time at the "bottom" where it connects on the negative terminal side.

    I also think the fact my new strap was shorter than what came off played into it breaking. I was pulling the crap out of it.

    Since I now have two OEM clips to attached on either side, I went to ACE hardware and picked up a nylon strap with a buckle and looped it around. I'm using that now as my battery strap; price = $3.70. We'll see how this holds up.

    I did have some challenges with the terminal wires and getting them into position so the seat could re-attach. that was about 15 minutes of trouble-shooting.

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    Dear Battery Strap,

    **** you too.


    (Been riding almost 2 years without the strap. Just switched to Antigravity and there is a ton of extra space/storage now. I think I will go that Nylon route)

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    Sucks your new one broke. Why did they design a strap that is such a PITA and so eaisily broken? The rubber seems like it will dry out and break over time not matter what. Like a cheap rubber bungee cord. Seems like they could have put a latch or something more solid to keep the battery in place. Oh well, my zipties work for me.

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    Yeah, what a pain in the ass.

    About 2 hours total time which includes driving around getting other the straps (first the rubber strap and then the nylon one). I'm out like $20 plus gas and the time.

    We'll see how the nylon strap holds up. I do like what I've done from the standpoint that it's MUCH easier to secure the battery this way.

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    Sorry for all your trouble but Thanks for posting your trials and tribulations with this. It really helps others as I am sure we will be going down this road at some point.

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    Mine also snapped, tried a nylon strap but after a while it gets loose.
    Need to figure out a smart way to fasten it.

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    without a strap I have had my bat terminals come lose, I am not as strong as the 09bolt, so I made a tool and now its easy .IMG_0308.jpg

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