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Thread: 2001 M2 $2200

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    Bought this last fall, needs a little TLC and I am just working too many hours to find time to work on it.

    The bad:

    -Gas tank bubbled and PO sanded it down, needs a repaint
    -PO threw on header and muffler from another bike, header has rash and a place for an O2 sensor so I know it isn't the original
    -Cheesy hypercharger (maybe it's just me?)

    The good:

    -10K miles
    -Runs like a champ
    -Can you say "Borla"?
    -It's cheap!

    Let me know if you're interested, I'm just south of Cleveland Ohio...

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    Umm, I think I have it in the post, near Cleveland Ohio ;)

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    Bump for a price drop $2K takes it home!

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    Thats a pretty good deal, I paid 2300 for my 97 thunderbolt with unknown miles

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    wish i had seen that before I bought my blast. :(

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    Hey I may be interested. I'll keep you posted. Looking for a Buell and cant find anything here.

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    No longer for sale. ;)

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