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Thread: Hopefully getting a blast

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    Well I might be buying a 2000 blast on thurs. I have been searching for months thought I had one lined up a few weeks ago but it was sold before I could even see it. Now I am hoping I have one to look at on thurs. I have been reading and I have some idea what to look for like the Rocker Gasket, Front Engine mount, and the boot from the carb to head.
    Is there anything els I should look for
    More about the bike add says has Vance & Hines exhaust and performance air filter
    My riding experience is very little and the primary use for the bike will be 2 min to work and starting July 22 miles each way to school

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    That just about covers it. Also ask if he has done anything to the carbs - jetting, shims. As long as it kicks over and runs should be good to go.

    When you get it I would change out the oil, and primary oil.

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    You need to call on the expertise of EZ Blast here, but ,if I am not mistaken the 2000 Blast was the first year and had a higher speed rear pulley and different belt which were subject to a recall(bad news) but (good news) it was the fastest Blast year made.

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    2000 Blast came with a bad rear pulley, an extra frame brace and stainless front brake line.

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