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Thread: Trouble finding the right brake pads

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    I am trying to find the right galfer brake pads, i look up FD112 G1532 and it says use fd266 cause fd112 is obsolete, well fd266 g1532 doesnt and the rear one in the blast tips/mods/info is only one set of numbers not so lost...

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    try these #s

    #5434 Brake Pads, Rear, Galfer Sintered

    #6800 00-07 Brake Pads Front Ferodo CP911 Blast

    #6799 01-07 Brake Pads Front Ferodo S.S. Blast

    Buell Blast Brake Pads Front [H0300.T]

    seems like the front galfer pads are kinda scarse but you may like the ebc

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    Galfer FD140G1054 should fit here is the link to find them

    galfer pads- iron machine

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