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Thread: Voltage Regulator or Stator?

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    always my pleasure and thanks for the acknowledgment.

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    My bike was cutting fuse. I found out the Voltage Regulator was bad. I had an old one from my ducati(scrapped) luckily it was same match.

    After a 2 day ride.. My CEL came on. I checked with the buelltooth dongle and it was reading battery voltage too high. How do I diagnose this.. My headlights are working. No blown fuse yet..

    On the dongle, battery voltage reads up to 16V when cranking the bike.

    I don't have a voltage regulator, but hopefully I'll get one tomorrow.

    My bike is an xb9sx 2009

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    When cranking 16V?
    Get a meter to see what exactly is going on. That makes no sense. Just cranking voltage should sag a bit, not go up.

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