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    My day: My car got hit while sitting in the parking lot of Firestone waiting for an alignment and they don't claim responsibility. After 4 hours of smiles and laughs playing pool with friends my night ended with a flat rear tire on the bike and a 2.5 mile walk home since I had left my phone home tonight in a hurry out the door. Today was a rough day.

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    Sorry for your ****e day man. The plus side... Bad things come in threes. You knocked em all out in one day. It will only get better now.

    And it could always have been worse:
    Coulda been hit head on going 60.
    Coulda lost a tire in a high speed sweeper.
    Coulda walked 12.5 miles.

    When I have a rough day... I try to see the positive... Or I drink heavily and punch babies in the face.

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    Than you NwRider. Unfortunately I can admit to a lot of wrong happening for me thus far in 2012 but three things in one day kinda sucks. I'm selling the car and it didn't even need the alignment but since I put on 4 matching tires yesterday I figured it would just give someone peace of mind. One more thing, the check engine light came on on the bike while I was riding home and I just bought it on Wednesday. I was doing some research so I know how to check for the codes which I'll do tomorrow.

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    Check the code and we'll do what we can to help you fix it.

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    Drink heavily and punch babies in the face.... Lol

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    Check the code and we'll do what we can to help you fix it.
    Damn straight.

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    Hi guys and thank you for the support.
    I had a busy day and only had time to strip the forks, kickstand, and shock as I'm doing a suspension swap with someone for their SCG suspension.
    Tomorrow I'll be looking up tires to see what kind of deal is out there and whatever free time I have I'll look up the code(s) and post.
    Thank you again.

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    So I decided to plug the tire for now and just stay off the highway until I can invest the cash in a new one.

    I tested the codes and have:
    15 Intake Air Temperature Sensor
    16 Battery Voltage
    21 Interactive Muffler Control

    Now back to the search button, will update later.

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