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Thread: exhaust header

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    is the exhaust for xb12s same as the xb9s??

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    Short answer, no.

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    Different diameter headers, no exhaust valve on the 9... I know the headers will fit eachother, but you have to factor in the difference in tubing diameter to determine what type of power characteristics you want out of your engine.

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    ok thanks so they mount up the same but the tubing diameter is different. is theyre any place or site that sells the full exhaust? all i found was the slip on systems. the reason im asking is my exhaust has rusted ans ive found an exhaust header but its for an xb12ss

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    How bad rusted? Is it just surface rust that may come off with a scotch brite pad?

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    it has a hole in it

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    i bought the bike off a guy just recently thinking it wouldnt be too hard just replace the exhaust but i guess i was wrong, theres no rust on the bike whatsoever except the exhaust, he parked the bike outside all the time, dont know why just the exhaust got rusted, too much air and moisture i guess

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    the 12 exhaust would be better for it, you'd want to get it tuned after the swap though.

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    ok so its ok to use the xb12 exhaust as long as i tune it right? now would i have to take it somewhere to tune it or can i do it myself? does it involve the ddfi reprogram ecm kit?

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    you can do it yourself, but you might want to look into the tuniversity. I'ts over here ----> in the ads

    You'd need an ecmspy cable and a computer

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