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Thread: New guy from Sweden needs help

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    My name is Dennis and im from Stockholm,Sweden.
    Ive just bought a buell Blast, one of only 3 in sweden.Ive bought it first of all as a projectbike but i really love to drive it even though its quite slow, it has a great feel to it!

    Im going to build a streetfighter of it.

    I bought Dans intake and a Jardinesystem but havent receved them yet.

    Now i need to find a tall or high seat and a "cover" for the rearseat. Please post a link to an onlinedealer if you know one!

    When you to a tailchop, is there a nice looking brakelight to buy that covers up the "hole"?

    Last question... can i install a wider drivebelt, mine is about 14mm (metric system you know :-) )


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    To bad dont ship to Sweden...

    Tooked my tail apart today and realised its probably better to buy a new smaller led-taillight.
    Why exept for economic reasons do you keep the original light? Its big as hell and hard to fit.

    Does anyone know where i can buy the cover for the passengers seat?


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    the only cover i have ever seen for the passenger seat on a blast was a custom 1 off job some 1 did .

    you will have to hand lay 1 out of fiberglass or get some 1 with a vacume molding machine to help you.

    if you want an under seat frame cover dan sells 1 to hide the wires .

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    here are 2 more parts links for you. maybe they will ship to you.

    foot pegs

    buellster parts

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