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Thread: blast superboot and air filter and spark plug question

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    I've been hearing of issues with the stock boots on the blast. Can someone point me to the right direction to purchase what I believe is the "superboot" for a 2003 Blast. Also how about the K&N filter I see alot of owners using, any good pace to find that? FINALLY is the DCPR9IX the iridium plug to use? Thanks for the help, I'm a new owner and want to make a few changes. I was initially worried I'd miss the power that my old 600 crotchrocket had but this bike really is damn fun to ride. Low miles too at around 1700 so I think ill have many more years of good times.

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    dont use the DCPR9IX iridium plug, use the IXU01-27 Iridium Racing Plug. its a little pricey but its the best you can get. you will gain +1hp and it will probably last longer than your bike lol you will never have to replace it

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    Dans bent series intake kit is the was to go. I was iffy at first with the price but after I got it all on I love it. I would recommend it to anyone. Along with his tail plate, it cleans up the underside of the tail quite well

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