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Thread: 2003 XB9S: engine misfire/cut out problem

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    I'm glad I found this post. I have a 2004 XB12S that is doing the same thing. I ride 22 miles to work each day. It usually doesn't do it on the way there but most always on the way home. And it does it about 15-20 minutes into the ride usually at highways speeds. It will start to sputter and then the check engine light will come on. If I ride for shorts rides around town not going too fast it runs perfect. It started right before I changed my plugs and still does it so I can tell you that the plugs aren't it. Hopefully one of us can figure it out soon.

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    Mine(xb12s) did the same thing but happens much sooner(10-15 mins) and will eventually cut off. Took it to harley and they said its the fuel pump and I'm currently in the process of trying to swap it. It's a SOB.

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    I hate reading thru these posts just to be left not knowing the outcome. Was it fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by $hporty View Post
    Was it fixed?
    None of these guys have logged in since 2012-2013 so I doubt they're going to answer you.

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