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Thread: 2000 Buell Blast Rear Brake and Carb boot

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    I recently laid my Buell down on the left side at around 15 mph. After a month or two at Harley, I had a few small repairs completed (left turn signal, shifter peg, etc.) Now my only major issues are the carb boot (Carb Manifold Coupler) and the rear brake.

    I noticed some hiccuping so I'm replacing the carb boot, which seems easy enough after taking the old one off (which had tears in it). I'd like to know if this one will be compatible with my Blast

    Also, I'm troubleshooting my rear brake which isn't working at all. It offers little resistance when I push it down and doesn't seem to make a compressing noise. I can hear a clicking noise from under the seat when I push it down, though. There doesn't appear to be any damage to it. I'm thinking just bleed the lines?

    In short, will the linked carb boot fit my 2000 Buell Blast?
    Troubleshoot on no stopping power in my rear brake?

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    NO - do not use that boot use this one instead its the best there is

    dans super boot (thumpe)

    thumpe is a member here great guy pm him or contact through e bay - he offers discounts to members .

    as for the rear breaks - check the pedal and linkage carefully - see if every thing is ok not bent / loose /tweaked / missing.

    also see if you have any fluid in the resivor - may have leaked out - or the shop filled it and there is air in the line because they forgot to blead it .

    good luck

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    also refer to here for good tips / trouble shooting

    Quick ref. guide

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    I appreciate that so much! I did buy the carb boot I posted but I might just return it or let it hold me over for a little while.

    About to bleed the rear brake. Wish me luck.

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