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Thread: crane hi-4 ignition module

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    trying to wire a crane hi-4 ignition module on an 02 blast anyone have any luck installing these or have a wireing diagram for it?

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    thats a good question ive been loking into one of these as well

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    624 & - in the Blast sections - both cover that topic in detail - why bother with the smucks here - they know nothing.
    Can't even fix their own XBs even with the manuals help.
    Why bother with this group of defective tools - try those two sights and actually get good, useful advice.

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    your such an ass lol lol

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    lol - been told that often enough - could be true - still, there are full blown articles on the topic - several at each site in fact, not one here - truth may hurt, but it doesn't change - lol

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