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Thread: slight primary oil drip from underneath the primary cover

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    getting a slight primary oil drip from underneath the primary cover. looks like the drain plug but not sure

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    Chances are it isn't the drain plug if it is snug and tight. If you have an older tuber Buell, and are using a synthetic tranny oil (which I recommend you do), the gasket material on older models will eventually soak through with synthetic oil and eventually drip. So, if drain plug seems secure, use the opportunity to pull the outer primary. You can visually inspect chain tensioner wear etc while in there.

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    Yes, check the drain plugs both of them and next time when you post help us by[ model and year] of Buell bike you have. Some models of Buells have O'rings on the drain plugs and need to be changed every so often when they are being Serviced. Never overtighten the Drain plugs just snug will do.
    The primary(Transmission)cover gasket may be just in need of replacement.
    Also have you Adjusted the Primary Chain lately? [sometimes] it will seep in that area there as well.There is also an O'ring inside the Case at the bottom, the Adjuster sits on it between the bottom of the primary case and the Adjuster.
    NOW- Without doing any Adjusting just take a wrench and [VERY Gently] feel it out now don't kill it,try to Slightly tighten the bottom nut where you adjust the Primary Chain(AT THE BOTTOM) of the left side near the kick stand where the Adjustments made.
    Just Check to be sure.If it turns SAY more than a [1/4] of a turn then you will need to read up on your bike cause if it can turn it that much then the Chain NEEDS to be Re-adjusted or at Least PLEASE check it at the Inspection cover.
    This way you can be sure.
    This area can also strip out from overtightening!There are some manuals here on this forum to read up on Depending on which Bike Model you have. If Seepage is the problem ,SAY it turns out to be the Transmission s' Primary cover gasket REPLACE it don't tighten it up because you will crack the cover with ALL the Heat these Engines deal with.
    NOT to mention the Vibration issues the Bikes put out.(dpatten is right) about the Synthetic oils! BUT the Synthetic Oils are best for the Bikes when Aircooled comes into the Subject. Just check her over and BTW-welcome to the Forum.Post up when you get the chance.*Jimi

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