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Thread: ECM cable failure rate...hit or miss on a good one!

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    So I ordered the ecm cable with a ftdi ttl-232r usb converter...anyway It was hit or miss if it would connect. Got it workin for like 5 m Anyinutes one time. So I tested continuity and voltage and it was no good on the transmit line. A brand new cable was no good. Must have had a bad connection on the circuit board in the usb end. Bought a new cable, different brand using the ftdi chip...everything is just fine. It just seems like there a lot of frustrated people because they get bad cables from the get go. Nothing to do with OS or drivers, but strictly bad cable. Anybody else gone through multiple cables until they got a good one. Or am I just unlucky!? Lol I think the QC might not be par from the manufacturer of these cables. I'm curious about folks like Xopti if they get a lot of bad ones come thru. I know he assembles the ends and sells a bunch of them??

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    Mike (Xopti) uses the Prolific chipset.

    With that said, a handful of my clients have had bad cables come in, and had to get replacements. Not sure whether that's because of poor QA/QC at the manufacturing facility, or the way the USPS zaps packages. Out of 40 clients or so, only 2 have had bad cables.

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    Thank you! Yah, I was curious because I read up on a bunch of forums about the "Transmission Timed Out" error in ecmspy. And of course mine had a bad transmit circuit. I got this new one with a lil LED that flashes when it's transmitting or receiving. Pretty cool lil feature. When it comes to ecm stuff I always see two names Xopti and theoctopus. :D

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