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Thread: Knocking Sound coming from Primary????

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    Hi everyone....I just recently bought a 2005 XB12R with 2800 miles on it....rode it once and everything was fine, badass bike and it rode really good. So i let it sit for about a month without riding it and now when i cranked it earlier this week it started knocking. It sounds like its coming from the Primary. Anybody have any ideas or clues??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check fluids & change if you haven't already to bike-specific full synthetic. While you're at it, look at your drain plug. Small metal shavings are normal, look for anything abnormal. Adjust Primary chain for kicks, if too loose it can knock around in there. Hopefully, it's as simple as one of those if nothing is just loose...

    Edit: One thing to consider is you hadn't noticed it till now. It's a Buell, but it has a Harley heart and all the noise that entails.

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    Dead battery? Was it started when it made this sound?

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    Battery has been on trickle charger the whole time so no dead battery....and yes it makes the sound when it's started. I'm gonna check everything that Steven said and will hope that's what it is...wil keep you updated

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