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Thread: Does gutting the exhaust on a xb9sx eliminate the inter-active exhaust system?

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    Hey, I'm looking to buy a 2007 xb9sx from somebody. The current owner says the last owner gutted the exhaust, but he doesn't know if the inter-active exhaust system is still there and working. How can I tell? This will be the first Buell I own, so I don't exactly know what to look for. I do have a good amount of experience with motorcycles though. By the way, I'm actually really looking for a xb12s to purchase, but can't find any. Any offers?

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    The XB9's didn't have the inter-active exhaust, only the 12's.

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    what joel said and to confirm just look at either top of muffler and/or under airbox cover. 12's have gizmo at top front of muffler you can easily's the interactive valve. they also have large black box on top of airbox lid which is valve actuator. again, easy to see. 9's have none of that.

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    yep, no valve

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