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Thread: The unhijackable thread...

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    I'm drunk.............

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    Hey I'm on percocet because I just had surgery. Now you all know how this thread got started! :D

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    I used to love pizza before I spent 11 years working around it. Sure our food is still great, and I don't want to discourage people when I tell them I don't eat it anymore..but it's a case of too much of a good thing.
    *sigh* let's just hope I never work at a greek restaurant so I don't get tired of eating Gyros !

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    I miss Bass Fishing all the time. Love my boy though. Can't wait till he's big enough to go with me. ;)

    Come to think of it, Bass Fisherman & Bikers are 2 "groups" that you really get that brotherhood, community kinda feel.

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    I especially love Papa Murphy's. They have top notch ham and pineapple!
    Awww man boards, your from Tacoma right? Im in wenatchee. I love papa murphy chicago style chicken and bacon.

    Dave, I dunno man its like freezing Ass Rain now, and I dont have any rain gear. So...It'd have to be a mail thing before too long......Firebolts in the rain..Not good for us dry loving ppl. You buff out all that shizzzz on the airbox and seatcowl???

    The unhijackable thread huh....If no one posts here anymore its hijacked so...

    Re-Route Christmas List right side airscoop for buell


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    I like pizza too, but the cheap ghetto $5.00 special. More money to spend on the XB12S. Very sad cause I put it away for the winter last Saturday after putting on 9300 km this summer..... Now I must snowboard as many of you are able to enjoy an endless summer......

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    if i close this thread...can it be considered as hijacked? :p

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    if i close this thread...can it be considered as hijacked?

    No but we'd make Buellxb change your name to LeFag!! lol :p:D

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    CNet is running a story about research from security
    expert Joe Stewart into the CoreFlood botnet, which
    has harvested at least "50 gigabytes of compressed
    data, searchable in a MySQL database," from a group
    of over 370,000 bot IDs. Stewart explains how the botnet
    operates and some of the things he's learned about
    the group that operates it. "Within the 50GB file,
    Stewart was able to discern how the thieves culled
    the data. He said they run a test script against that
    data that will log via a proxy into the bank using
    the credentials captured, say by a keylogging application.
    The CoreFlood script will then capture the HTML data
    on the post long-in page. In most cases, that page
    also contains the account's bank balance. They do that,
    he said, so that after running the test they have a
    picture of what are the highest dollar amounts. 'I
    don't know whether they steal from all of them. We
    don't have access to the accounts; the bank is not
    going to tell us how much was stolen out of any given
    account. We're not going to get that information, but
    we know they're actively logging and checking accounts
    to collect the balance data. The only reason (the script)
    can see that data is to target the biggest accounts
    first,' he said."

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    WhoooHoooo Dead Puppies!!!

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