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Thread: clutch leak possibly?

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    Ok so I just had the rotor mod with rewound stator put in about a month ago. I was having problems with my clutch and come to find out my reservoir was empty. Do they have to bleed my clutch line to get to the stator and maybe forgot to refill it, or do I have another problem. HELP? Really don't wanna deal with a clutch leak. There isn't any visible fluid on the outside of the bike, I checked near the wheap hole and there was no fluid. Thank you

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    If it was leaking from the normal spot (wheap hole) there would be a visible trail of fluid there... dont know what all is involved with replacing the stator, but I'd suggest geting some fluid and pumping it through your system to monitor it for a while. If the level keeps going down, you have a leak somewhere else in your system. Just re-fill/ bleed line for air and monitor for a bit

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