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Thread: 03 Buell XB9R Random Stalling problem

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    I have a 2003 Buell Xb9R Firebolt. Everytime I warm it up in the morning on a cold start the bike runs great. Once it warms up and i put it in gear the bike will stall and take forever to start. constantly priming the motor and cranking. Also, while im riding if my Rpm drops below 3,000 it slowly decelerates itself and dies. again taking forever to start. Ive done some pretty extensive research and have come to figure out that i beleive my problem is the ignition. so before i spent the time and money replacing this ignition i would like confirmation and if there is anyway to prevent this from happening again. i have insulating wrap for my exhaust to prevent a little bit of heat but thats all i have for now and im just looking for other options. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    so it was not the ignition timing. replaced and problem still occurs any ideas??

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    the static timing should never change unless you mess with it...the ignition timing and fueling is determined by the mapping flashed into the ecm.

    when was the last time the spark plugs changed? a fouled a plug could be a problem...sometimes bad plugs wont fire unless you keep the rpms ups.

    plug wires tend to go bad also, wont send a good spark current to the plugs from the coil

    No Check engine light? Does it turn over strong? Check your charging system...bad battery, voltage regulator, etc.

    constantly priming the motor and cranking
    Do you mean the fuel pump constantly runs and makes the loud priming noise? Every time before it starts, the fuel pump should prime up then shut off (the loud noise when you turn the kill switch to on position)...if it stays on and doesn't shut off then you have a fuel delivery problem.

    there are a few sensors that really affect the way a bike will run...1) throttle positioning sensor 2) intake air temperature sensor 3) O2 sensor

    have you tried doing a throttle positioning sensor reset?

    I was just brainstorming some possible causes...sorry I couldn't give you a definite answer. Start with the basics and work your way up. these things need fuel, air, and spark to run. Your problem is a mishap with one of the three.

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    I ended up rebuilding my motor and replaced a lot of parts that were out of spec. But the stalling problem I had ended up being that my bank angle sensor bolts backed out and it was dangling in my front fairing... Basically my buell thought it was on its side the whole time. A lot of confusion went on for such a little problem. Thank you for your input. It definatly helped because I found other things that needed to be replaced. Thank you

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