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Thread: Suspension setup for 190 pound rider

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    LOL ^

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    Hi there, I'm 78Kg + 170lbs or so and I started with the standard settings (Similar to the one below) and rode it till I got it right. This wasn't anywhere near the standard settings. I guess these depend on your riding style.

    I've used 1 turn out on front compression, 1.1/4 out on rebound and 2 pre-load rings showing on the front forks.

    Rear is 1.1/4 turns out on bottom left adjuster 2.1/2 out on the seat adjuster, Right side adjuster is weird as it doesn't seem to line up to anywhere so I just set that in the middle of it's movement. Coupled with 2nd from lowest on the rear spring, I'm about to adjust the rear spring up one more level just to eliminate slight chatter on the front disc (had this eliminated at one point).

    Someone on this site gave me great advice. DO ONE ADJUSTMENT AT A TIME. It really works. But you've got to start somewhere (The chart below is as good a start as any).

    Took me a week, riding after adjustments and also out on the road, but always one thing at a time or you will lose your way time after time.

    Good luck buddy.

    It's really worth the effort. Mine is like a different bike with the adjustments done.

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