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Thread: build or just buy?

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    Well I have a 05 XB9R and I am looking to get a second XB. My question is what do y'all think buy another and mod it or buy frame and build one the way I want it? I have been pricing and it seems its gonna cost me about the same. But to build it I need someone that could send me a complete list of parts and I do mean complete just so I don't miss anything. Thank you for any help.

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    I would buy unless your going to make some major modifications.

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    Well I want to do the ss swingarm the 88ci a turbo and I would like the 12r gas tank/frame. I found a xb9r local for 4500 so that might be what I get to mod so not sure if you consider that major or not. Lol

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    I would buy unless your going to make some major modifications
    roger that!

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