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Thread: Bypass side stand sensor

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    Can anybody explain in slight detail how to bypass the side stand sensor? I don't seem to be having much luck finding any explanation on how to do it properly.

    Also it seems that when I release the clutch (while in neutral) it will stall. Just in-case the stand bypass doesn't solve the issue, is there a way to bypass the clutch sensor as well?


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    cut the wires and connect them together.

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    Can you please be a little more detailed, this seems to be the answer i'm seeing, but I don't want to be mislead.

    Do you mean to completely cut all of the wires from the plastic connection harness on both ends, then bypass the connector by directly connecting the wires?

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    Its reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyy Simple.
    1. Take the plug in one hand, and a pair of wire cutters in the other.
    2. Slowly move the 2 towards each other till the wires are inside the cutting device.
    3. Close the cutting device securly till the plug drops off .
    4. Place cutting device back in its proper place amongst your tools.
    5. While there pick up a proper means of stripping wires, and your choice of wire conecting devices.
    6. Strip both wires properly for your conneccting device.
    7. Connect wires with device.
    8. wrap newly connected wires with some type of sealent to prevent water intrusion.
    9. Test and hope you just didnt screw the pooch..................

    See told you it wasnt hard...........

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    I'd like to hear you walk somebody through making a PB&J sandwich lol..

    I read on another forum that simply cutting and splicing the white wire will also bypass the side stand sensor. Can anybody confirm this?


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    just unplug the wire down where it connects to the stand and disconnect it, then cut wherever you think would work best for you and use whatever method you prefer on connecting wires together.

    I've done it when I put my 03 harness on my 04 and figured out that's why it wouldn't start.

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    I'd like to hear you walk somebody through making a PB&J sandwich lol..

    1. Walk into the area of your living arangement and observe your suroundings.
    2. Pick a nice prep area that has ample space to create your desired creation.
    3. Locate your favorite choice of bread.
    4. Locate your favorite choice of Jelly. ( I prefer Smuckers Strawberry Preserves) In a pinch pancake syrup will do as well as smashed or sliced Bannana.
    5. Locate your favorite Peanut butter. ( I prefer Peter Pan extra crunchy)
    6. Locate any other added goodies you wish to include on your creation.
    7. Locate a carying device of your choice to transport treat on when finished.
    8. Locate spreading device
    9. Start by opening container in which your choice of bread is located. (Heels/end slices will do in a pinch)
    10. Place slices of bread on carrying device.
    11. Seal bread contaner
    12. Open Jelly of choice
    13. Insert spreading device and retreive desired amount of Jelly
    14. Spread jelly carfully on bread, be carful to not use too much force as you do not want to tear bread slice.
    15. Re apply lid to jelly container.
    16. Locate Peanut butter.
    17. Open peanut butter Container.....DO NOT STICK FINGERS IN PB!!!
    18. Insert CLEAN speading device into Peantut Butter......NOTE plastic eatting utensiles are not recomended!!!!
    19. Spread Peanut Butter on second Slice of bread heeding warning noted with Jelly.
    20. Replace Peanut Butter containers lid.
    21. Carfully place 2 bread slices together. NOTE......Peanut Butter and Jelly Inside, But you can be creative here.
    22. Place all used items back in their original starting points....EXCEPT the spreading devices! these need to be placed in a proper washing station.
    23. Resist urge to eat Newly created treat standing at your prep station.
    24. Carfully carry transprortation device of treat to your Favorite consuming location.
    25. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the help!

    @freak That was totally worth it.

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