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Thread: 01 buell blast. just got it. need to know where to find parts

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    Ok so I just got a buell blast and all my friends are kinda makin fun of me ( they have firebolts and gsxr) where can i find parts to make it look better such as the headlight. And what can I do to make it a bit faster

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    Please help

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    there is ALOT you can do to it to make it look better but there is also alot of stuff to make it completely better better.
    1. get low profile handle bars (superbike bars)
    2. custom paint job
    3. get xb dual headlight and put them on your blast or get a universal fairing/windscreen
    4. rearstes
    5. chop the tail
    there is a endless possiblitys of options you can do... its all up to you and how you want it
    search other websites with biell blast for ideas. you can even type in "custom buell blast" in google image search

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    and thats just for looks, there is many performance things you can do to
    heres a link with alot of custom blast

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    I put a set of drag bars and V&H exhaust/Jet kit on mine. The jet and Exhaust really wake the bike up from stock. Plus it might be louder than your buddy's Xb :D

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    Thank you!! Ima do some more reaserch and work to it and post pictures. And ill need you guys opinion

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    I don't know why people make fun of smaller bikes. I personally think they are fun to ride! On the highway can be a pain, but around town is where it's at!

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