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Thread: Wierd high pitch sound on acceleration

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    Im stumped! Ive got a wierd high pitch sound comeing from the belt side rear of my xb9r. With the bike in idle there is no sound. If I clutch it and rev the motor no noise. It only happens when im in gear an accelerating. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Dude, Im getting the same thing, only under certain RPMs while the bike has drive. Its weird I cant figure it out, it just popped up out of no where.

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    Wonder if it is the start of a failing wheel bearing?

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    Sounds like your belt whining on the drive pulley's. Id start with that. A swingarm stand would allow you to lift the rear wheel and put the bike in gear while you listen for the sound. I would recomend having a freind on the bike ready with the brakes just in case.

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    I read something recently on here about a whining from the clutch. I thought I was having that issue as well.

    I've given up on these noises. These Buells are so damn noisy period, the harder you listen the more weird sounds you'll find!! Every time I read one of these noise threads, I feel like I've got the same noise!! lol

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    I was thinking maybe the wheel bearing to. It definatly seems to be comeing from that area. Just wierd that its only when im accelerating. Putting it on a stand would be the way to figure it out unfortunatly I dont have one. I do have 28000m on my bike I suppose im due for bearings.

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    ^ This

    My first thought was bearings. But it only happens when the bike is under load. And for me at least, only at certain RPM's. It will start to make the sound, ill back it off a bit, or give it a lil more, get out of that rpm range and the whining stops.

    I then moved onto the primary chain. It was good.

    I checked everything I can think of that I have the ability to, even the blinker fluid. No dice. Iv just decided to live with it until I can get a buddy to check it out.

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    Well now im thinking its dust in my bearings. I live in the country and ride a few miles of sand an gravel. Today I went for a ride in the rain and there was alot less noise. guess I will look into replaceing them and see how it sounds. Thanks for the input!

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