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Thread: Aluminum Sprocket, 34 tooth

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    Which one did you use. They do not specify one for the XB.


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    If you could be specific, I will be able to answer your question. I have several items from them.

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    Oh I did not realize that. What all do you have?

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    I have replaced the sprocket, clutch basket, clutch hub and the final drive.

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    A personal note:

    I choose to go this route for modifications verses any other primarily because of fuel mapping. I wanted to stay away from it and in principle keep the motor and map stock.

    I felt this was a simpler way to gain power to the rear wheel and this is done by reducing any unnecessary consumption or restriction of the delivery of this power. Simply put, use what I have as efficiently as possible.

    For those of us who do not have access to a dyno, exhaust gas analyzer or the time to data log, this was the only safe option. This mod will allow the motor to deliver its power with less restrictions and zero time remapping/tuning.

    This is my personal opinion and I am sure others will vary.

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    I am interested in all you have done. I have been thinking about putting a new clutch in my this winter. Can you tell me (and maybe pics) of all you have done. Maybe part numbers and price?

    Thank you.

    P.S. It would be so sick to be able to see that Clutch basket. I may have to work on fabing that!:o:D

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    pic is on evolutions web page.

    I have over 40 mods. I will put a list together,it will take me a few days. I will post up by Friday if not sooner.

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    Some things I have done...
    1 Drummer
    2 K&N Air filter
    3 Colder Plugs
    4 ECMspy
    5 Switched the '04 XBS red to the translucent blue
    6 Replaced my OEM Clutch pieces (Basket, Hub) with CNC’d Aluminum parts
    7 Removed 7.2 oz of weight from the stator rotor by modeling a CNC program to machine lightning holes
    8 11.2:1 Doomed pistons with head work
    9 I modeled and CNC'd a Ducati Brembo Caliper adapter plate
    10 Installed Ducati Brembo Two Piston Caliper
    11 Installed Brembo Rear Master Cylinder
    12 Installed Brembo 16mm Radial Front Master Cylinder from a '07 R1
    13 Hyperpro progressive springs
    14 Lyndall gold front pads
    15 Ceramic coated header
    16 ProTaper MX handle bar
    17 PIAA driving light bulbs for OEM replacement
    18 PIAA driving/fog lights
    19 Hand guards
    20 Machined hand guard attachment plugs out of Delrin to fit the ProTaper bar
    21 Upgraded the oil drive gear
    22 Bar end mirrors located at the OEM spot. I had to turn down the piece and thread to fit in the spot
    23 Developed an alternative method catch can that utilizes PCV valve
    24 Lined the inside of my frame, fuel line and under the air box plate with heat shield from Summit Racing
    25 Traction Hand Grips
    26 Installed a Uly Helmet lock on the support bracket of the left passenger foot post and then rekeyed it for my bike ignition key
    27 I have dual head lights burning
    28 Corbin gunfighter seat
    29 Buell saddlebags
    30 190 rear tire
    31 XB9 Aluminum sprocket gear, 34 tooth sprocket
    32 Reversed the shifting pattern to GP: 1 up & 4 down
    33 Installed Heli-Coils in the primary inspection cover bolt holes
    34 Installed bolt sleeve liners in the primary cover bolt holes (13 bolt holes)
    35 Removed the cheese grader
    36 New Brake Lines, front and rear
    37 Installed a 4-Wire Bosch O2 sensor with Heating Element
    38 Headlight Grille
    39 Axle sliders
    40 Frame Pucks
    41 Speed Bleeders from LSL
    42 Dyna Beads
    43 Removed the blinker spacer/extender from the forward blinkers
    44 Replaced the Belt Final drive front sprocket with CNC’d Aluminum sprocket
    45 Sprocket Cover, CNC'd Aluminum
    46 Exhaust Heat Shield

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    I guess you used the clutch thats made for the XL ????

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