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Thread: new owner....oil problem

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    So I got a an 01 blast and other than "das boot" everything has been going great.......then all of a sudden I noticed a growing oil puddle on top of the transmission on the gear shifting side......It also looks like there is oil near the air intake. I have looked around but I have not been able to find the source so I thought I would see if anyone could tell me where I should look to try to track down this leak.

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    First GENTLY clean off the area that is leaking. I wouldn't pressure wash the Engine due to more leaking or worse could occur. Just when the Engine is cold , a Manual gentle cleaning of the area then watch the area . If you use Water to wash the area first using cleaner after that the water would repell the Spray Cleaner wasting it.
    After a Couple of Paper Towels OR a lot of Paper Towels to clean it (the main ) stuff then recheck .It may take a little bit of riding to show back up, Just keep tabs on it. Sometimes starting at the top and Checking the Rocker Cover Gasket and go down towards the Area you Described. Check your Seal around the Shifter by just cleaning Gently around the area.
    Also Check Any Rubber Hoses Possible Transmission Air Vents for Cracks etc..Use the Carb Cleaner AFTER wiping down will help to possibly reveal your leak. That will help to Clean it better/ Cold Engine Please!! Once Clean Idle the Engine or Ride the Bike and recheck your Work.Before you Start the Engine make sure the Carb Spray OR Cleaner stays away from Electrical wiring.
    Please use the Carb Spray Lightly so as not to eat away at Anything and as Always be Safe let the Vehicle Dry at least 2/hours OR More before Starting the Engine
    [ OR] use some Compressed Air to help Dry Areas Cleaned. A Fan can Help also to speed up drying if a Flammable Cleaner is used. Safety Glasses is a Great Way to save you from the OPPs ! Post up if Needed. *Jimi

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