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Thread: front brake slowly locks up

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    my front brake slowly locks up. does anyone know why or how this happens? it only happens when i go for long rides but around the block its fine. its a ZTL 6 piston caliper. need info on what to do to fix ran out of ideas and can't keep dropping money on it. please help!

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    Did you recently change the lever? Or did the lever get bent? I got a ZTL2 lever ordered by accident once and it caused my front brake to lock up on my 03.

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    Same here. I used the wrong lever once. The front brake slowly locked up on me as well

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    yes got a new lever why would it do that

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    If it's under even slight pressure even when you're not squeezing it, as you roll it will heat the brake fluid and eventually it will expand from that heat, causing it to eventually lock up.

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    i bought cheepo levers off ebay for my xb, they bolted right on with no problems, but as soon as i started riding the front wheel started to lock up, i had to take a dremel/file to the lever to grind it down enough to where it wasn't pushing on the plunger for the break.

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