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Thread: Another head light question

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    Here's pics of my "low" and "high" beams, in the daylight. Turned out good, very bright.

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    Got mine installed. They are way better than what I had but still dont cast the light that I was wanting. They are bright as hell looking at the front of the bike so for riding in the day time and other people being able to see me, it is a vast improvement.

    I need to find a good dark road and do a little head light adjustments too. I think that may help a little as well. The only other thing I may try is still doing the tin foil thing. Just to see if it actually works. If I do it and it really does help, I wil certainly let you guys know.

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    When I bought my bike it had HID 35 watt set up. I had a light problem but it was the adjustment to the headlamp not the light. I adjusted the lamp up and my light problem went away. These lights are bright. The best lights I have had on a motorcycle. With just my normal light I get flashed by on coming traffic. Probably due to my light being adjusted up. I can see now and be seen. I can go at a respectable clip and not run out of light. I have a Onova 35 watt with a 5000k white light lamp set up.

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    These are very bright when you are looking back at the bike which I am glad for. My original ones were so dim that it was almost like not having them on at all.

    I rode with my Dad the other day and he said that the the farther ahead he got, the brighter and easier to see I was. That alone is worth it to me.

    I did discover a new problem with mine though. The one on the high beem side wants to cut off by itself and stay off unless I switch it off and then back on. If I do that, it fires right back up. I contacted the seller and he said it sounded like either I may have a bad bulb or maybe a bad ballast. So I am going to switch them around a little and see if I can narrow it down.

    Anybody have a similar problem with the HID kits?

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    I went to new château Harley Davidson/buell in new stronghold PA. You have to convey a reinforcement visor (clear one) or ride with clear security glasses and have your visor up! I rode home one night with my tinted visor.

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    I think he's using a translate app? Or it's an oddly accurate spam-bot? 2020 has already proven to be weird.

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    I have fitted a pair of 35w 6000k HIDs (generic brand from a NZ supplier) and they are magic, my low beam reflector is dull and previously was noticeably dimmer with the 55w Halogens, I could easily out ride them at legal speeds, not a problem now.
    I haven't (yet) run separate cables or relays for the HIDs though I have fitted a 10 second timer to the low beam so that it doesn't come on till the bike is running, this is so that the starting currents don't potentially fry the HID ballast.
    It is great to know you are more visible on the road and I have been running them for a couple of months now and haven't been flashed by anyone because they are too bright.

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