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Thread: Another head light question

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    What about the chrome paint for for rc cars I used it when I raced nitro trucks and it looked just like chrome. Hobby shops that deal with rc cars should have it. You need a airbrush to use the paint though

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    The Lincoln Mark VIII's were notorious for burning out the reflective material in their headlight housings. Back when I was big into those cars, I would remove the headlight lens by baking it in an oven, then I would apply ChromeBright TrimBright tape to the inside of the housing and seal it back up. The chromebright tape resisted the head of my HIDs and it is as reflective as a mirror. I used to get a roll for about 6 bucks and O'rielly Auto Parts. Just my 2 cents.

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    The problem I see here is that these light housings are small and cone shaped. Wrinkles will kill reflectivity.

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    From what I have been told and have read, the chrome paint will just burn right off because it cant handlel any kind of heat.

    I know there is no way to keep all the wrinkles out of it but do you think it would really make much of a difference?

    Anyway, maybe I will try it and just see what happens.

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    I think wrinkles will definitely negatively effect light output(reflection). You really need a very smooth surface to get reflectivity. Can still try though, I just don't think it will turn out as good as you think it will.

    I can post some pics of the light output on my bike with the paint I used, sometime this weekend, for reference.

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    My two cents:

    Even with foil and brighter watt bulbs they still wont be as bright as HIDs I just replaced my factory lights with HIDs for $59.00
    Was a brezze to install.. every thing was plug and play.. the only 2 wires that needed to be cut were the Harness gorunds because the connetors were to small.. But even after ur time painting and glueing and foiling this seemed to be the best bang for my buck and time..

    35W 800k slim ballast HIDs in 2 days for $59.99 couldnt of been easier, here is the link:

    IF anyone decides to order just follow the instructions on the color choice, you have to tell them in the order via message.. Here is a pic of mine installed:


    Fits tight and clean..

    Any questions let me know im here to help :D


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    Well for 60 bucks, that is hard to beat! I had looked a few times at something like that but had not found anything cheaper than a 100 bucks.

    It looks like they fit right into the the stock housing very nicely. Have you tried them in the dark yet?
    How do you do your high and low beam? Or do you even still have a high low beam with that set up?

    And, last question for the moment, what color should I get?

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    Have you tried them in the dark yet?
    Yes ill post a pic tonight.. there bright as !@#$

    How do you do your high and low beam? Or do you even still have a high low beam with that set up?
    I just have them installed the normal way, start the bike with the low beam one and the high is via the switch.. Its So easy.. there is a total of 8 screws to remove each light housing, remove old bulb and insatll new bulb in the reverse order plug the new lights to the harness and Bam!! U can see FOOOOOREVAAA!! lol

    I got the 8000k way bright.. i was told from other riders that have the 10,000k and brighter that they have been pulled over because of the brightness.. ur call i went down the middle with the White/blue 8000ks

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    I found another article where guys were wiring in the system with relays to handle the load, did you do that with this system or just use all the stock wiring?

    If the stock system is not up to it, then I dont mind putting relays in the system.

    Does your low beam still work like a real low beam or is it going to blind everyone in front of you?

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    I think I found the answer to my last question about the low beam thing. I dont know what I was thinking but I wasnt thinking abou the fact that it is just a bulb replacement so the little low beam gaurd thing that is in the low beam light should still be able to stay in place. So... that should make it still work like a normal low beam.

    Please correct me if I am wrong on that one.

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