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Thread: 2010 XB12Scg Suspension - Any Interest?

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    I'm planning to replace here shortly the front and rear suspension and related parts on my 2010 XB12Scg with the longer travel stuff from the XB12SX setup, so I may have a complete Scg suspension kit for sale, depending on how I like the longer travel, and just trying to get a feel for interest and worth to help me decide whether to keep it for the bike (I like to keep all the oem stuff) or sell it.

    Kit would include as a set:
    - Fork tubes (black)
    - Lower triple (black)
    - Rear shock assy
    - Side stand

    7,838 miles on this setup, no crashes, leaks, or damage otherwise.

    what do you guys think?

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    Dont do it, you have a rare bike from the last year of Buell.

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    User "ali" is looking for someone to trade set ups with if you want to go that route... Wouldn't cost you anything. If I wasn't on my phone I would post up the link to his thread.

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    Just for sihts and giggles what is the last 3 numbers of your bikes vin?

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    If you want to do a trade please let me know, I will cover the cost of shipping

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    I have everything on a 2004 xb12s only 2500 miles... not black but u interested?

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    PM sent msgvb.

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    yeah, sorry fellas, this wouldn't be a trade deal. I thought about this a couple of years ago, but decided that I'd hate to swap and then find out I hate it and not have the original stuff. saved for a while and ordered the parts piece by piece, so I already have the complete S/SX group, so it would just be for cash sale if I go that route. again, it will just depend on how I like the longer travel, and whether the level of interest/cost recoup potential outweighs the benefit of keeping the oem stuff for the bike.

    or possibly trade for a new Buell Select seat, haha, seems to be just as popular.

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    Dont do it, you have a rare bike from the last year of Buell.
    I have to agree with oh9 DON'T DO IT! You have a really rare buell (1 of 357) and the stock versions will be the ones that are sought after. So keep the stock stuff. Not my bike and just my opinion.

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    That'll be quite a change, going from Scg to X. I sat on a Uly in the dealer and thought it was a bit too tall.

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