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Thread: Turbo kit from Finland

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    ericz should have some good input on this. Maybe PM him.
    I am allready PM him, but he is don't answer yet

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    Maybe offer the kit without the with 500-750$ off the price so people can get the same turbo for cheaper but still support you in buying th kit. A barebone 1700$ kit would be tempting enough for me to even buy a xb again just to turbo it.

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    i have driven that yellow turbo xb9 a few miles :) just moved it from the shop to small local bike show. and today im going to visit a man who fabricated the kit :) that yellow one is the first with that bolt on -kit.

    but for the prices. In finland that kit is cheap as hell! if you compare that here cheapest XBs with lots of miles costs over 5000€..

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    Just replied to your PM, Ravven.

    I have only seen pictures of the Proboost kit but I have to defend their pricing. They (hopefully) are including new turbochargers with their kits, the extra injector controller, all of the intake and exhaust fabrication, and the little pieces and parts could easily add up to around $1500-$2000. Anyone can go buy cheap parts from the junkyard or cheap Chinese copies from ebay but in the end, you still end up with unreliable and/or worn out parts. I hate to think it is fair to compare new parts with junkyard parts when discussing a commercially available turbocharger kit.

    Also, while the same turbocharger is often used on many brands and models of cars, the orientation and design of the outside of the turbine housing, compressor housing, wastegate actuator mounting, and inlet/outlet flange can greatly vary. Designing a turbocharger setup for a motorcycle requires the design to be specific to the turbocharger and makes it extremely difficult to make a universal kit to fit different turbochargers.

    It's also extremely difficult to mesh cheap with performance!

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