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Thread: Modified Belt Tensioner

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    Who sells the Modified Belt tensioner for XB in the States?

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    The Free Spirit tensioner? Trojan-Horse is the only place that I have seen them for sale, nothing State side.

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    Sad News. The U.S.A. has a market for quality parts.. even though the Buell Company discourages any improvements. So anyone open to sharing their experiances with purchases,shipping,delivery and communications with Trojan-Horse from the States?

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    tensioner,s are shortening belt life by half..dont understand why its needed...said this a few times no replys ... no one uses them unless theres an issue on custon bikes with chain or belt hitting frame ect....belts get tight as they get hot...there designed to be adjusted on the tight side...want 50.000 miles plus out of your belt...ditch the tensioner

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    Metaltek Racing used to bring some Free Spirits stuff state-side but I dont think Ron is doing that any longer.

    Matt at Trojan-Horse is a great guy, you can purchase from them with confidence. i've ordered a few times without issue, even had to exchange some parts, no issues at all. highly recommneded.

    maybebuell... thats funny, dont tell the Buellers in the UK that no one uses them :D TONS of FS modified tensioners have been fitted and are in use across the globe. ask Matt at Trojan how many he sells!

    i have a few seasons on my FS modified tensioner, no issues, belt looks new. it will stay on for the life of the bike.

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    I agree with the tensioner just not stationary! Working on Harleys you can see not much suspension travel so belt tension is TIGHT. It works to a point.
    But my XB uses all the suspension! If Buell would look at their warrenty records, the rear wheel bearings and belts are not lasting. Eric bite the bullet and swallow your pride, fix the pulley!

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    ah, my bad. i misunderstood. thought you were questioning the FS tensioner.

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    I'm looking in to getting the Modified Tentioner. How does buying from the UK work? If i put it on my Visa, dose visa pay the company in Pounds (Or Euros)?

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    Yeah I believe so. I am trying to do the same but my E-mail has not been addressed on how much the S&H will be....I am guessing everyone is UK is enjoying the holidays...which they should! Hope to hear soon and recieve and ride in 2009!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayjackb
    If i put it on my Visa, dose visa pay the company in Pounds (Or Euros)?
    visa will always pay in the local currency of the country of sale.
    in this case, that would be pounds.

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