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Thread: Modified Belt Tensioner

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    visa will always pay in the local currency of the country of sale.
    in this case, that would be pounds
    And your credit card will give you the exchange rate for the day of purchase and bill YOU in US dollars.

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    Before you buy from the UK(trojan) see if it is cheaper to buy directly from Germany.
    110E=$153 (Freespirits)
    £110=$159 (Trojan)
    i know both prices need shipping and tax adding but trojan is a middle man so might be worth buying direct.

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    Good idea Chris but bad news. Free Spirits just E-mailed me and states they don't send to U.S.A. any more....And Trojan Horse won't reply to my question on cost for shipping & handling. Can anyone ring UK and tell them to check their E-mail?

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    Im based in the UK. Trojan left a message on the UKBEG forum to say that their email system has been down and they advised people to re-send the emails. I'll see if they has posted recently.

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    this was the the thread
    Please note: Due to a computer malfunction over the Christmas period, we have lost all of our incoming e-mails between 29 December and 4 January (amongst other things!).
    If you tried to contact us during this period please send your e-mail/enquiry again using the contact us form on our web site, or to

    We will get back to you ASAP.

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    Chris you are the best! I re sent my email for S&H information so I can fill out their web site form.
    Hopefully my order can be in by the weekend. This forum always has the people and the info I need.

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    no worries mate, happy to help. hopefully you will get it all sorted. If you havn't been on the UKBEG website i would check it out as there is so much info on the belt tensioner including fitting instructions with hints and tips that people have found make the item work even better.

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    Done some more snooping for your and found another place that sells them....and more importantly cheaper. Their prices include VAT so you will just have to email them and see if they ship to the states.


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    Chris I am stumped Trojan still won't return my E-mails. And this new site you found does not have a "contact" address so I can ask if they will send to the States,if they have in stock a tensioner and how much for the S&H? What gives? Is this a Euro only club? It would explain why I never see this great product on any U.S. owned Buells

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    here you go!

    Tel : 0044 1225 785164

    Unit NB1, Hilperton Marsh Farm,

    Marsh Road, Hilperton,

    Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 7PJ

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