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Thread: Modified Belt Tensioner

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    E-mail sent. Thanks for the added help. I have never tried so hard to purchase 1 part for a Buell. It's nice to have friends here with information. Let you know how it all turns out.

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    why is it so hard to get friggin parts for these bikes in the states. wtf

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    I don't know Still waiting for a reply
    Going away on business. Will check back in a week.

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    Chris, how about more help? Just got back. Checked all my E-mails and still no response from Trojan or the new site you suggested. Anyone got any clue what shipping and handling would cost from Europe/UK to Charleston, SC? I don't know what would happen if I just completed the Trojan "Buy" and plugged in the Estimated Cost for Shipping. Last try Hepl before moving on.

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    Feeling bored at lunchtime so I phoned Trojan for you..........

    Shipping cost will be about GBP12 ($18)

    To get one, just place your order on the website and they will add the shipping cost on despatch - apparently they process all orders manually - it's not an automated process. Or give them a call......0044 1325 483551

    I tried lightning services but didn't get an answer

    You'll probably get charged import duty if the USA is anything like the UK

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    Thank the Lordfenwick! I will go to their web site tonight. Just in case..What is the time difference,so I can call when they might be open.

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    You are 5 hours behind us......

    Just a point of interest the British Pound has crashed to an all time low against the US Dollar and now stands at 1GBP = $1.39 this morning. Over the last year it's come down from $2 - that means stuff bought from the UK is now 30% cheaper than it was a year ago for you guys in the states.

    Fill yer boots...........:D

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    IT HAS ARRIVED!!!:D I want to Thank this site for all your support. Lordfenwick's phone call must have done the trick because I have this Beautiful Modified Belt Tensioner in my hands in less than 2 weeks (from across the pond and thru customs:p) My wish list is 1 item less. Now to save for the New Darkhorsemoto rear pulley and the right side air scoop. Thanks again.

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    If you don't mind me asking. How much was it with shipping? Did you have to deal with customs or did it just arrive at your door with no hassles?

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    I don't mind. The best I can figure is 12.00 pounds?
    All the figures are in their currency. No hassles with Customs on my end..delivered right to my door by Fed Ex! I am very happy with the final results.
    Go for it!

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