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Thread: Best tires

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    Just bought an XB9S 03 model, Needs Tires. Looking at the Pirelli Scorpion tires. Have had good luck with Pirelli in the past. I have heard the XB9's are very sensitive to tire types. Is this a good choice or does somebody have some other recomendations?:D

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    Michelin Pilots

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    Just bought Metzler M3, I have worn out 4 sets of different tires to find just the right combo. I do tour a lot, last set of Avons got 7,ooo rear. I don't think the xb9 is that sensitive so it depends on how you ride. I'll let you know about the M3:)

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    i just bought pirelli diablo corsa 3s and i like them , hard rubber in the middle and soft on the sides

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    Believe it or not, the Continental ContiAttack is the best I've ran on my 04 XB-12R so far (4th set of tires). Decent mileage, excellent grip (even on Deal's Gap) and really good feedback. Who'd have guessed?

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    Dunlop sportmax qulifier work like a dream

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    Do a GOOGLE SEARCH on here!

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    And tire tech has changed a bit since this 10 YEAR OLD thread....

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    Best tires for any sport bike are definitely Rotella. Definitely.

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