I agree with some of TPEHAK's statement. You should plan a whole day for your first rotate, and I also think it's unnecessary for an intake gasket swap.

I highly disagree with TPEHAK's statement that 80% will leak again. That is ludicrous. That would require a re-design of probably millions of similar motorcycles. It's his one experience with his one motorcycle, and he is definitely not a mechanic. His one experience he's touting as a fact for all Buells does not make it true for millions of Buell/Harley intake gaskets as a whole.

In just the last 10 years, I've swapped intake gaskets on Sportys or Buells about 3 times a year. Thats 30-ish jobs (60 gaskets). Not one has leaked. Ever. I must be luckier than I thought

Just be patient, take your time in the tight space, use the right tool, use lube, and you will be rewarded with her sucking only where she's supposed too.