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Thread: Chain conversion kit 09 xb12r

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    I am determined to convert my 09 xb12r to chain drive so i can fit a 240mm tire but i cannot seem to find a decent parts list and if i do come across some threads they are so old some of the links that the poster posted on the thread n longer work so i was wondering if anyone has a current list of everything i would need to purchase including the rim (which i cannot find for the life of me) in order to complete this project

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    Grand Stand Designs has a 240mm tire kit. There are a couple guys on here who have converted to the 240.....Onelogue being the most recent.

    Here's his build thread:
    Onelogues 240 rear thread

    Grand Stand Design's website:
    Grand Stand Designs 240 Tire Kit

    Here's my thread on chain conversions. Not a 240, but still good info on parts, part numbers, prices, etc outside of the GSD kit.
    My Chain Conversion Thread

    This should get you everything you need.

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    thanks a lot i appreciate your help.. i did find the grand stand designs kit but 1800 dollars is really pricey...thanks again

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    $400 for an idler sprocket?! What the what?

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    $400 for an idler sprocket?!* What the what?
    It's an adjustable to idler and i love it :)

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    I'm doing this now, I'll post more details as soon as I get it done, but in short I went through Fat300 from FL. They were the only ones to respond in a reasonable time and were very helpful in getting me what I needed. I think they work with GSD from NJ because I needed an additional spacer and they got us in touch with a guy from Jersey. Like I said I'll post pics and details once I'm done, but your biggest cost is getting the wheel widened to 8.5" or buying a 2010 8.5" wheel (they have them already made up) and doing the 3 Bearing conversion w/ an axle kit. The rest is just getting sprockets and spacers and chain. Lot's of info and opinions on here regarding which ones to get. Or you can get it all through them. Gluck, let us know how it goes.

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