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Thread: How to remove your xbr motor

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    This is going down soon as I get the bike out of storage. Marked for later reference. Thanks Squid!

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    Thats pretty cool. Thanks squid.

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    Nice tutorial! Thank You!
    It seems to me I am going to do the same this winter.

    ('04 xb9sx with only 7k miles on odo, but it is eating oil almost more than gasoline)

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    It helped me a lot. Thanks !!!

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    Thats pretty kool. Thanks squid.

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    best how-to writeup to date

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    I am starting this tomorrow. Thanks for this writeup!

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    Major major thanks for this write-up! It is thorough and easy to follow. Word to the wise if you're doing this by yourself; have your passenger footpegs on before you wheelbarrow the top off! Or put the passenger riderset back on after doing the rear motor mount. Setting the tail down on something without them is a hassle.

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