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Thread: Ulysses peg vibration

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    Hi team, have read lots of threads but cant find any answers. I have a 2007 Ulysses with only 10K on it and it has developed a nasty vibration in the pegs and bars. This occurs when stationary and above 3,000 rpm as well as when riding. No changes to the bike were made, no mods on the bike done just factory standard. But this vibration is a buzzing in my feat and hands which is really tiring after 150km, it never used to be there. HD workshop can't find a fault, has checked all engine mounts and all ok and nothing lose on the bike.

    Any suggestions? It is bad enough I struggle to want to go for a ride and certainly has developed in the last 500 km of riding.....

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    I get that on mine when the primary chain is too loose. I find it really hard to find the sweet spot on the chain tension, if it's too tight the clutch and shifting seem out of whack mine runs great with the chain on the loose side,but if its too loose I get the vibration that feels like i'm running on knobbie tires usually after a long high speed run. warning once you start adjusting the chain it's hard to leave it alone.

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